Damon Dash just can't seem to catch a break. After getting slandered on social media after a now infamous appearance on The Breakfast Club in which he spouted off a number of business principals that didn't sit too well with fans and critics, the Harlem, N.Y. hustler's problems with his ex-wife Rachel Roy have taken a turn for the worse.

TMZ reports that Dash is in the middle of a nasty custody battle with Roy, which involves their two daughters, Ava, 16; and Talullah, 6. The arguments have gotten quite ugly to say the least. According to court documents, Roy wants Dash's visitation rights taken away and alleges that he is an unfit parent, even going as far as mentioning his use of marijuana. The plot thickened when Roy got the police involved. Cops were waiting for Dash recently at his home because one of their children hasn't been attending school.

In a clip obtained by the gossip site, the rap mogul speaks his piece on the situation in a video recorded statement. "You're about to see what I have to go through just to be a dad," Dash states. "I can't even pick my daughter up, I haven't seen her in three or four weeks. It's considered kidnapping just to raise my kid, but I'm sure y'all gonna see what it's like right now."

He is then seen getting out of a car and speaking with cops waiting at the residence where his children supposedly are inside. After asking the police to step away from his property "because my daughter shouldn't have to see that," the video ends, but the picture is plain to see and it's far from a pretty sight.

Roy also accuses Dash of being abusive. The latter defends himself and insists her claims are all a ploy for leverage and her tactics are nothing more than harassment.

The couple were married in 2005, and split in 2009.

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