After spewing vitriol at Steve Stoute, Damon Dash set his wrath on three other powerful moguls in the music business. The former Roc-a-Fella Records co-founder wrote some scathing essays about former Def Jam executives Lyor Cohen and Joie Manda. He then went after Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex after the DJ defended Manda on his show.

On Joie Manda, who is now an executive at Interscope Records, Dash writes:

This clown right here is joi manda... I'm not even going to give him the respect of calling him any type of ceo... Hes is like the culture vultures Dimwitted assistant that does what he's told... I'm putting him on blast because I've personally witness him start war between two creatives from the same culture so he could benifit... Which is what they always do... Divide and conquer... You would think when 2 young guys have a problem with each other the older guy would sit them in a room and squash it...

These guys promote it and make money of the winner... They could care less if somebody dies or get hurt.. As long as they make money off it....he's also the guy that started the divide and conquer beef between me and currency.... The funny thing is he can't get a dollar from his own people so he tries helps exploit ours... He's a nobody... Never let him front on you and I'm gonna keep calling him and his whole crew out... You know who you are and your up next #dontgetscared... I'm playing them all out publicly because I'm sick of them bullying people from my culture and there soft as hell... Pause..and they cheat... We not fighting each other anymore... We getting at the cowards that make money of our struggle every day... Have some respect for the culture that is paying all your bills

Dash then aimed his anger at Cohen, calling him a "culture vulture" who allegedly robbed his artists during his tenure at Def Jam. To wit:

Look how happy the culture vulture Lyor Cohen looks to be getting money off all of us and our authentic experiences... We're all mad cause we can't make money of his him cause he never did anything cool ever...I wonder what sell out from our culture that has been employed by them for years is gonna stick up for him like @djfunkflex did for that clown joi It's funny how they try to make us fight each to take the focus off them robbing the us...Old trick and I m not going for it... Let's keep the focus on them... The divide conquer game is over..."

Finally, Dash was disappointed that Funkmaster Flex would come to the defense of Manda, but asked for an interview to discuss some of the comments he made on Instagram. He wrote:

Hey @djfunkflex would not have an issue with another man over another man... I believe a man should speak up for himself and I really hope you would never desrespect me over another man I'm 43 so what I will do is give you an interview live where you can ask me any question you want and joi can as well...I was wondering who was gonna defend him from our culture... Funny that's is you but...but I think you should have called me out of respect...but well talk about that face to face like men...your over 40 as well

What do you think of Damon Dash's rants about Joie Manda and Lyor Cohen? Tell us in the comments below.

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