Da Brat has been free from prison for just over a month and this week the rapper acquired some fresh new ink work in the form of a Michael Jackson tattoo.

Jermaine Dupri unveiled Da Brat's new ink on Monday (April 18), posting a photo on Twitter and writing, "This is @ONLY1BRAT new tattoo, she making me wanna go http://global14.com/members/jd/activity/1657015." The link directs viewers to JD's Global14.com site, showing the artwork on Da Brat's lower leg. A detailed, full-body photo of Jackson, who passed away in June 2009, is depicted. The rap star was still holed up behind bars when the King of Pop died.

Da Brat was released from prison in early March after serving a three-year bid for assaulting a hostess in Atlanta's Studio 72 night club back in 2007. In addition to the three-year sentence for assault charges, Da Brat also received 200 hours of mandatory community service hours and seven years of probation.

Following her release, Da Brat offered up her first post-prison verse on Jermaine Dupri's 'Look At Me Now (Remix.)'

In the coming months, she plans to drop new music along with her first autobiography 'Insubordination,' the title of which she came up with during her time behind bars.

"The book is pretty much about my life and lot of things that I have been through that nobody knows that I have been through, except the people close to me and my family," Da Brat told The BoomBox in March. "I think it's a great book. It's probably going to end up being some type of movie. I'm not trying to brag on it but everybody who reads it, they can't put it down!"

Da Brat's most recent album release was 2003's 'Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz.'

Watch Da Brat's 'Ghetto Love'

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