Ghostface Killah has finally admitted what many people in the 'Couples Therapy' house (as well as some of us) have been thinking all along -- he's got another woman on the side. And this week, not only does Kelsey meet her, but they're also thrown into a room together so the rapper can decided, once and for all, who he wants to be with.

At the end of episode 5, Kelsey is livid with the news that Ghostface has been seeing another woman. The show starts at the point where Kelsey slams the door in the camera's face while Ghost just chills in the outdoor lounge area.

"I understand where Kelsey's coming from," he says. "She mad. I just told her about another female. But you know, since we here in the therapy, let's all sit down and get it out. And let me see where I want to lean. Since I'm in therapy, I need some f---ing therapy."

At least we now see that Ghostface is embracing the therapy sessions by Dr. Jenn Berman. But he still looks like he's taking everything with a grain of salt as he follows Kelsey into the bedroom. Despite telling him over and over to leave her alone, he still manages to get a hug and some love from her. "I love you boo though, and I just needed a hug," he says.

Kelsey isn't having it and finally gets him out of her personal space. "It makes me want to leave because it's like that's not what I came here for," he explains in the solo interview.

Sada Bettencourt of 'The Real L Word' joins Kelsey poolside to comfort her. She learns that Ghost wants to sit down with the women in his love triangle and essentially choose who he wants to be with. Sada quickly jumps into the idea that she believes he's not going to pick because he doesn't know what he wants nor does he really want to let go of the potential of having two women simultaneously in his life. "I know you don't want to lose him," Sada says, "but you don't have him anyway. This is not what you call a relationship. You deserve way better than this."

Kelsey has a chat with Dr. Mike Dow about her feelings toward the situation. He explains that there are two ways out: either Ghostface decides to be a one-woman guy and stays with Kelsey or she can decide to walk away. Meanwhile in the Wu-Tang Clan member's world, he realizes he has to decide between the ladies. "It's a snow storm," he says as we see him settling into the couch while Kelsey sleeps alone in bed. "But you know what? It gotta rain, man."

Even though many think that Kelsey should leave him, she explains that her love for Ghost is so deep that she can't walk away.

Secrets become the topic of the group session and Dr. Berman invites Ghostface to tell his side of the story. He reveals to everyone he's been with another woman while with Kelsey and that he never pressed the issue because he didn't want to take their relationship seriously. Kelsey admits that she should have pushed the issue but never did for various reasons like finding out the truth and potentially having to end it with him. Tensions flair when Sada starts talking to Kelsey about why the relationship was ever a good idea. But Ghostface quickly interjects and says that Sada has no idea what this whole thing is because she is female.

"This is what men do," he defends. "There's good men there, but 90 percent is out there. Men want to f--- everything. Women just won't understand what a man is thinking on what he's feeling and what he goes through."

During these comments from Ghostface, Kelsey remains pretty silent. But she finally speaks up and says, "It's OK to want someone and want something in somebody," she says. "Even if nobody understands why you want it."

Dr. Berman explains that the point of Ghostface being there is to teach him the tools to actually be in a relationship and how hiding things doesn't help the process. She then gets Kelsey and Ghostface in a room together to talk about how to approach the situation with Latrice. Kelsey does explain that by agreeing to meet Latrice it might help Ghostface with his own therapy as well as further inform her decision on how she wants to deal with the relationship. She then finds out that up until that moment, even Latrice wasn't aware that she was sharing Ghostface with another woman.

"Ghost, you're a like a bomb that keeps detonating in women's faces," Dr. Berman states. "Best thing with this is that you'll learn to be honest with women."

When Latrice finally arrives, Kelsey just wants the moment over with while Ghost just wants to see how things go. Latrice calmly walks in, sits down and finds out that the relationship she has with him is not a monogamous one. Things start to hit a turning point when Latrice asks Ghostface if he is in love with her, and all he can say is, "I have love for her, but I'm not in love with her."

"Our connection is crazy," Ghostface explains, opening up to the group. "You make me laugh. You make love to me good. You cook. You do whatever I say."

Ghostface says that he loves Kelsey in a different way, too, but isn't in "love, love, love love with her." However, Dr. Berman gets at him by saying that he's probably not in love with either of them. But Ghostface defends himself by saying that his love for Latrice is more because of the fact they have been together longer. This is when everything falls apart and Kelsey speaks up.

"If you love her for so long, then why, why did you just pull me in?" Kelsey asks.

"If I told you I had a woman, what would you have done?" Ghostface retorts.

But Kelsey punches back. "If you told me you've been with a woman for over a year, I wouldn't have gotten my feelings involved. I was lead to feel and think I was special or something that... I don't care what the f--- you say. We spent time together. We had beautiful conversations."

"But you're not the only chick I do that with," he yells. "So like yo! You knew when I met you, you knew the aura. I laid my mat down..."

Dr. Berman can do nothing but yell over everyone to stop. "How can you treat her like this when you sat here for a week talking about what an amazing friend she is and the friendship you have. How you care about her and how you love her, and then for you to talk to her like this. Talk about f---ing disrespect. What the f--- is that?"

"That's cool because he showed me who he really is," Kelsey says in tears. "All this time, all this f---ing time spent on the phone. It don't matter if it was one f---ing day. It don't matter. The person that you showed me..."

Ghostface keeps trying it talk over her while Dr. Berman tells him to listen to her. All the while, Latrice is just chilling and watching everything unravel. In the end, Kelsey has had enough and walks out of the session with Dr. Berman trailing behind her.

Next week, we find Kelsey in her room crying about how Ghostface has treated her. And to add fuel to this fire, Dr. Berman gets Kelsey and Latrice to have a one-on-one conversation without Ghostface to hash out what he did or didn't do while he was with both of them. It's clearly over for Ghostface and Kelsey, but does he lose Latrice, too? Tune in next week to find out.