Ghostface Killah has been pretty quiet and only reacts to situations opposed to contributing his thoughts and feelings on 'Couples Therapy.' But in this week's episode, it seems that he's taken down a wall and actually starts to talk about how he feels about his relationship with Kelsey.

"This here is getting too much for me," Ghostface says, admitting that he feels like he's being portrayed as the villain in the situation. "Because we're going through the same questions, same [things]. It's like I don't fall in love in four months. I don't do that."

Kelsey, who explains that his mention of other women does make her question his intentions, points out that they have technically been together for a year. But Ghostface clarifies that statement. "Yeah, I know you for a year, but we only spent, maybe 90 days physically together and that was in stretches and spurts, like that."

He continues, "And she's not the only woman that I had, or the only woman that I had relationships with. But it was like, yo I didn't mean to hurt nobody. I didn't want her feelings to get all the way in there like that fast. This is like one of my relationships, you know, whatever you want to call it, that ever in my life that just just speed-balled like that. And it just makes me feel like mad funny."

When it looks like he is about to start really opening up, Sada Bettencourt of 'The Real L Word' contributes her input and Ghostface quickly puts the wall up again, complete with crossed arms and a frown -- a signature look he's been donning on the show during these group sessions.

Although it's pretty obvious that Kelsey is taken aback by the fact that Ghostface isn't on the same page about their views on the relationship, she has a heart-to-heart with him and explains that she doesn't expect him to fall in love with her as quickly as she has with him. "I just want to focus on what we had in the beginning," she says. "The friendship. That love."

Dr. Jenn Berman says that he isn't the bad guy and doesn't think Ghostface is doing it on purpose to hurt Kelsey, but he should continue being this honest and open moving forward.

The rapper starts to open up again and reveals that he really does feel uncomfortable talking about these things in front of people he doesn't know, especially when he feels like they are judging him. He just wants Kelsey to see his point of view and hopefully that will make this better for both of them. "I really love her," he says during the solo interview. "I love her. But when we bump heads, we really bump heads really hard. But I don't know we just keep coming back to each other."

As things seem to be moving toward a positive light, Sada's birthday celebration showcases Ghostface and Kelsey having a great time with everyone as well as with each other. And the Wu-Tang Clan member even admits his love for the birthday girl, too, which we later see becomes a bit of an issue for Sada's wife, Whitney Mixter, who believes Sada is flirting with Ghostface. Whitney reacts to the whole situation by getting quiet and going to bed early. The two start to argue about the flirting in their room, which turns into a big drunken confrontation.

Back to Ghostface and Kelsey, trouble comes creeping back in next week. Previews of the next episode show that he reveals he's been seeing another woman behind Kelsey's back, which makes her question whether she should continue therapy. Who is this woman? What does this mean for their relationship? Will this be the end of Ghostface and Kelsey?

Check back next week to find out.