Cory GunzRap wunderkind Cory Gunz is about to star in an MTV reality show.

The Bronx-born rapper, who has gone through several record deals, but has yet to release an album or even a noteworthy single, is set to star in ' Son of a Gun,' a show focusing on the young Gunz and his father, Peter Gunz, who scored a big hit in 1998 with 'Deja Vu.'

"It's on me and my pops," Cory explained, "It's about basically everything ... life, where we from ... my album, the struggle I've been going though ... my pops, all of the stuff, just us period in general and more importantly the Bronx. Me and my father's relationship, that's what's going to be interesting on the show too because it's not father and son, it's more like brothers."

The show is being produced by Nick Cannon, who is also taking on a supervising production role on Cory's forthcoming debut.

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