Known as one of the most popular independent rappers and realest MCs around, Cormega returns with his latest project 'Born & Raised,' which hits stores and online retailers on October 20. "This is the first album I did myself," Cormega reveals. "I was making calls. I was paying for stuff myself." Hopefully, Mega's hard work pays off, but for his fans 'Born & Raised' should satisfy that craving for "real hip-hop."

We sat down with the Queensbridge MC to discuss the pitfalls of drinking too much Hennessy, "industry politics" and, of course, 'Born & Raised,' which features a handful of hip-hop legends on just one track: 'Mega Fresh X.' "That's the most expensive song I ever did," Mega reveals of the track featuring Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Grand Puba, Parish Smith and DJ Red Alert. Let's make it worth his while.

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