90's rapper Coolio made headlines again for his involvement in some hi jinx that occurred at a Milan fashion party last week.

The MC, best known for his 1995 hit 'Gangsta's Paradise,' was in attendance at the Paul & Betty fashion brand party at the Sheraton Diana Majestic Hotel, in Milan, Italy where he was seen partying with an Italian model/TV personality, Rosy Dilettuso.

The model sat on Coolio's lap, when suddenly her hand "slipped" onto the rapper's crotch. While the papparazzi snapped shot after shot, Dilettuso appeared to massage Coolio's "privates," while laughing and sipping champagne.

Blame it on the alcohol, the silky zoot suit he was rocking, or maybe Dilettuso's just a huge fan of the god, regardless, we need to be attending more fashion parties.

Check the pics out here for proof.

Getting spotted receiving a helping hand by an italian model is a huge step up for Coolio, who was arrested at LAX airport in March, after a crack pipe and crack cocaine were found in his luggage. He was charged with felony possession and battery for attempting to prevent his bags from being searched. He pleaded not guilty of both charges.