Coolio can't hold his liquor. Last week, the former '90s rap star showed up drunk and incoherent to a concert at Minneapolis' The Lounge during their Hip Hop Thursday night, fumbling his lyrics on stage and appearing visibly intoxicated in pictures that recently hit the web.

The rapper, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey, Jr., took the stage to perform three songs including his classic hit 'Gangsta's Paradise.' But according to the club owner, Bryan Bell, he couldn't even get the words right.

"Coolio was completely hammered ... a trainwreck, he was totally vulgar and completely incoherent and I did not want to be there for it," Bell told TMZ. "This is not what the Lounge does. This is not what we do at our club."

In a more detailed interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Bell described Coolio's vulgar antics, which included him saying he was in the mood for sex and asking women in the audience to engage in an act that the reporter felt uncomfortable putting in print.

"That's when I left," said Bell. "Because you know what? I've got a problem here. I'm not the one collecting the ticket money for this. I didn't book him -- a promoter booked him. So he wasn't paid by the club, he was paid by the promoter, who was at the door, who sold the tickets. I have no control over the artist."

The 47-year-old Grammy winner has yet to speak on the incident.

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