Kanye West has pretty much alienated the world with his outrageous slavery was a “choice” comment. Although everyone seems to be in agreement that Yeezy should be quiet, one person is still standing by West -- fellow Chicagoan and dear friend Common.

TMZ caught up with the rapper-actor and asked him if this is the beginning of the end for West in light of the backlash he’s been receiving in the past week or so.

For Common, West’s tweets and comments are only a distraction. He feels people should be more upset over the young woman who was assaulted by police inside a Alabama waffle house and the ongoing issue of police violence against black men.

Nevertheless, Common says he’s not giving up on West just yet.

"No matter what, Kanye is my brother. No matter what," he stated. "That's my brother and I love him. And I don't agree with everything that he said or everything he's thinking."

Common went on to say that people should be able to express how they feel, even you don't agree with what they say. "That's what America...should be about, people being able to express themselves. We don't have to always agree but we don't have to go to war because we don't agree."

Detroit radio station 105.1 The Bounce might have a different opinion about that. Radio personalities Shay Shay and BiGG recently told their listeners they no longer want to hear from West anymore. The radio station subsequently launched the #MuteKanye campaign.

"As a black female educator who works with kids, I think it's reckless, I think it's irresponsible to use your platform like this," said Shay Shay in response to the Kanye madness of the past week. "I get it he's entitled to his own opinion. But on my platform, I feel like it's important to make a statement."

Hopefully, Common will get in touch with West and set him straight.

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