After being released from the hospital earlier this month for falling unconscious on a plane, Brandy just received a personal gift from Common. No, the Chicago rapper didn't buy her a bouquet of get well flowers, candy or jewelry.

Instead, he brought the singer on stage during a show in Sacramento, Calif and serenaded her with his 2002 track "Come Close."

"You help to discover me / I just want you to put trust in me / I kind of laugh when you cus at me," he spit to Brandy as she sat on a stool dressed in white.

Upon hearing the news of Brandy's health scare, there were very few details revealed until a bit later. Eventually, it came out that she fainted from fatigue, and there was nothing more to it.

"In recent days she has taken more than 10 long flights including internationally," a statement read. "The stress of all the traveling and working so incessantly has exhausted her. She will be relaxing for the next few days."

You can check out Common serenading Ms. Norwood in the video above.

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