It's no secret that rapper Common has broadened his career horizons to include music and movies, but the Chicago native might follow in the footsteps of some of his hip-hop counterparts by breaking into fashion. The 38-year-old acted as master of ceremonies at the Los Angeles Times Rock/Style event in Hollywood earlier this week where he spoke with us about his fashion aspirations. "I would like to do some accessories, like belts and ties and things like that," he told The BoomBox.

"Hip-hop has had a big influence not only on fashion but just on the mentality of the world and on the language of the world and actually the way people see themselves. Hip-hop has brought different fashion trends into the world. They even came back in the new cycle. When people say the '80s are back -- people are wearing a lot of things that hip-hop wore in the '80s."

As if his schedule wasn't packed enough Common is set to release his ninth studio album 'The Believer' later this year. "Right now I'm the only one featured on it," he said. Billed as a departure from 2008's electro-inspired 'Universal Mind Control,' this album will re-team Common with some of his longtime collaborators. "[The album is] being produced by No ID, Kanye West and Twilight Tone. It's still in the beginning stages." Fans can be on the lookout for a single to drop as early as this summer, while 'The Believer' hits stores later this year.