Common will commemorate Black History Month with an AT&T-sponsored speaking tour, which aims to engage influential members of the black community. The Chi-town rapper will headline the AT&T 28 Days series, which will make stops in Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York City.

The tour kicks off on Feb 7. when Common chats up digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong at the Atlanta Symphony Hall, before moving on to congressional candidate Kevin Powell at Chicago's Field Museum on Feb. 17, Tai Beauchamp at Howard University on Feb. 22 and FUBU founder Daymond John at The Apollo theater in Harlem on Feb. 24. The speaker series will wrap up on Feb. 28 in Oakland, Calif.

Jennifer Jones, vice president of Diverse Markets for AT&T Mobility, issued a statement explaining the vision behind the Black History Month speaker series. "This year, AT&T wants consumers to look at today's history makers and innovators, who are changing the world we live in and truly speak to the core of 'Rethink Possible," Jones said. "We are committed to pushing the limits of what's achievable everyday through innovation and investments in programs that educate and empower our diverse consumers."

Common has been quietly preparing his ninth studio album, 'The Dreamer, The Beliver,' for a late 2011 release. His last effort was 2008's 'Univeral Mind Control,' and since then he's kept busy on the silver screen appearing in films like 'Terminator Salvation' and 'Just Wright.'

Watch Common's 'Universal Mind Control'

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