Anyone who had the pleasure of hanging out at the legendary Fat Beats record store before it closed in 2010, then they probably also had the pleasure of running into a rap star or two while they were there.

And if you visited on one particular fall day in 1997, then you got a chance to see a young Common freestyle, while promoting his third album 'One Day It'll All Make Sense.'

After an unknown Harlem rapper completes his verse and hands the microphone to Com, he rips it straight off the top. 

"It's Com Sense from the Chicago streets fatter than Fat Beats / When I come, yo, you be like this crease / In the pants making the n----- and the ladies dance / when I come, yo, my style is enhanced, Like a CD when you try to look at me on TV / Yall knew me back from what, take it easy...Souls I penetrate stimulate middle states / You're LP couldn't f--- with my snippet tape," he cleverly spits.

And once you fast-forward 17 years later, Lonnie Lynn is just as lyrically sharp, if not sharper, which is evident on his latest LP 'Nobody's Smiling.'

Former Fat Beats employee DJ Eclipse should also get special props for holding on to this precious footage. Last month, he shared visuals of fellow Chicagoan Kanye West freestyling at the store and he too held Chicago down extremely well.

You gotta love the Internet.