As promised, Common and Nas have delivered a visual for their No I.D.-produced street elegy 'Ghetto Dreams,' which is the first single from Common's ninth album 'The Dreamer, The Believer.'

In the Matt Alonzo-helmed video, we see the hood ode brought to life as Com and Nas nod off on the couch together awkwardly, and share a black-and-white dream of their hood queen, played by the ample Bria Myles, as she prepares breakfast and gets dressed.

Unfortunately, while the rap titans exceed expectations on the song, the video does not, falling short due to its lack of creativity and meager imagination. The visual references to the lyrics, drab stairwell location and elementary graffiti all feel derivative, while the predictable conclusion, where the rappers return to full color as they awaken from their dream -- which is really nothing more profound than a girl getting dressed -- exchange odd looks and shrug, undermines the song's message.

"I wrote it about someone in the neighborhood that got a dream of reaching a higher level and they're in that process, and their woman is really like the correlation and the parallel and the symbol to that progress," Common told MTV, of the inspiration for 'Ghetto Dreams'. "It was coming from me, but it was also the voice of many others."

Common's 'The Dreamer, The Believer' is in stores on November 22.

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