Kevin Hart has been blowing up in the comedy world, and that was way before he narrated the infamous incident of a model's hair catching on fire at a Diddy party recently. His successful special last year, entitled 'Seriously Funny,' included a streetwise character that seemed to mock just about everything mockable about rappers nowadays. Fortunately for us, the spoof is now serving as the basis for a new alter ego named Chocolate Drop.

Choclate Drop stopped by the popular morning show Big Boy's Neighborhood to introduce himself to listeners all across the country. "I'm known worldwide from Japan to Tokyo," he boasted. "You know me. You see me. You know the lyrics. Hey, real rap raw in the studio ... REAL."

Hart isn't stopping there with evolving his Chocolate Drop persona. He has also started a Twitter account -- @chocolatedroppa -- that also perfectly spoofs the marketing-heavy, sometimes nonsensical stream of promotion and bragging that has made hip-hop stars so popular on the social networking platform.

Chocolate Drop's dispatches give you a great introduction to the new persona. "At da rental car spot, just upgraded to a full size car! NUT ASS rappers still renting compacts! Step up ya game! REAL RAP RAW" he tweeted. "Drop 29 & 3/4 bars in dis lil baby's face at my daughter's day care cause she ask me 2 come play wit her! NUT ASS toddler DROPPA don't play."

Yep, that seems about right.