House of Pain's 'Jump Around' receives some 2014 love in a new Super Bowl commercial, which focuses on Adrian, a kid who doesn’t seem to be the star player of his youth football team, but gets put in the game anyway.

Coca-Cola illustrates the ultimate way to celebrate a touchdown in their ‘Going All the Way’ Superbowl commercial. A fumble allows the scared, but courageous Adrian to grab the ball and take it all the way to the end zone. While the tiny player jets through the field House of Pain’s 1992 hit, ‘Jump Around,’ serves as the soundtrack. After running through streets, backyards and fences in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, Adrian reaches Lambeau Field.

It turns out that Adrian’s version of the end zone is the one in the Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field. At the field of the four-time Super Bowl champions, Adrian performs his own victory dance and, of course, drinks a bottle of Coca-Cola to top off the momentous occasion.