With Capone-N-Noreaga's 'War Report 2' around the corner, N.O.R.E., took a second with The BoomBox to discuss the album, and his working relationship with Raekwon, whose imprint, H2O, is releasing the record via EMI on July 13.

"I think it's been great," N.O.R.E. said regarding his current label situation. "He has a certain way of operatin', and I have a certain way of operatin'. When we find the middle ground it's always, you know, a blessing from the heavens...I was given the opportunity to do my solo album at EMI; things came across they [Rae and his manager's] desk and they asked me would I mind doing it through them, and I didn't mind. Obviously I didn't take my solo there, I took C-N-N there, and for C-N-N I think it's a great fit."

The vibe on the 'War Report 2,' and recent 'Camouflage' mixtapes recalls C-N-N's classic debut, but for N.O.R.E. to get back to that grimy mindset required an amount of introspection, inspired by an unlikely source.

"Busta [Rhymes] told me to go and study the 'War Report.' It was like I could never actually reverse and go back to that same exact person, but I can remember," Noreaga explained. "It's similar to how, when we were shooting 'Paid in Full,' I would see Wood Harris hanging around [Harlem gangster] AZ. Because he wanted his aura, he wanted his mannerisms, he wanted his swag, he wanted to study him, in order to play him right in the movie. I'm basically just doing the same thing, except I'm doing it with me. I'm studying me, and the old person who I was."

Revisiting his former self was an "emotional" process for the mature 'Superthug.' "It took me so long to actually sit down and listen to the 'War Report 1' and, you know, I got emotional," N.O.R.E. revealed. "But I couldn't listen to it one time until it was over, I had to listen to it 10 times, you know what I'm saying? And then I felt like I got my swag back. I felt like I was actually catering to the old N.O.R.E. back then, but with a grown up approach."

Capone-N-Noreaga's 'War Report 2' is due in stores July 13. We're betting it's fattybangin'.