Ciara made headlines yesterday when she announced she was pregnant with Future's child on 'The View.' Inquiring minds will naturally wonder what does this big news mean for her career. She sat down with Marc Lamont Hill of HuffPost Live to reveal some answers.

While she wouldn't reveal whether or not she's having a boy or a girl -- she knows the gender already -- Ciara did express her happiness about the bundle of joy that's on the way. "[The pregnancy] really is a blessing," the 28-year-old songstress admits. "It's the most exciting time of my life."

During the Q&A session, the Atlanta native says she started working on her next album in November 2013 -- on Thanksgiving day. The pregnancy obviously didn't inspire her to take a break, as Ciara also reveals she plans on touring right after.

"I'm in the most comfortable creative space I could possibly be in," she shares. "I actually will be giving my fans something really soon, and I'm really excited about it because it's so beautiful and so sweet."

The 'Body Party' singer will get back to performing as soon as next week, when she takes the stage at the official Grammy after-party. Her next plans aren't limited to just performing music though. Ciara talks about her endorsement partnership with Degree Women.

"It's about encouraging women to do more of what they love," Ciara reveals. "Encourage them to work hard and keep going toward your dreams and never giving up. In my case, I really relate to that being a performer, I'm all about striving for success."

Take a look at what she also has to say about Beyonce in the video above.