Although Ciara and Future were engaged in 2013, many weren't all that surprised when the two called it quits because of the rapper's relationship history. The latter allegedly cheated, and a romance that made for some cute scenes in 'Body Party' was off when the singer reportedly put an end to their romance -- until now, that is.

The Atlanta couple is back together after splitting for merely a few weeks, according to TMZ. Sources say Future and Ciara are living together again. It's also possible the pair are trying to make it work for the sake of their 4-month-old baby Future.

Will they work this time? Ciara seemed pretty in love when she last spoke of him during an interview with Brides magazine just a few months ago. She was even brought to tears when recalling the first time they had an "amazing" conversation. One can only hope for the best.

The songstress initially lashed out at the media when news first broke about her split with Future, calling Us Weekly "thirsty" for creating a sensational story.