Arizona's new Immigration Law has caused a major stir amongst the American people. Several hip-hop artists have expressed their frustrations about it, but Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has stepped up and recorded a new track called 'Tear Down That Wall' to voice his personal dismay for the law that he believes enforces racial profiling.

Ironically, 'Tear Down That Wall' comes almost 20 years later following the release of Public Enemy's 'By the Time I Get to Arizona,' a song the group released in 1991 addressing Arizona officials for failing to recognize the federal holiday honoring civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Chuck D recently spoke to about why he chose to release the new track. "Yeah because the governor is a Hitler. Things do change from time to time but it goes right back into just proving that it wants to be something else. 'Tear Down That Wall' is something that has its own life. It's not that you're doing anything to be opportunistic. I talked about the wall not only just dividing the U.S. and Mexico but the states of California, New Mexico and Texas. But Arizona, it's like, come on. Now they're going to enforce a law that talks about basically racial profiling."

'Tear Down That Wall' will be on Chuck D's upcoming solo CD and is available for download at

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