Chuck D's voice is nothing short of iconic. Other than classic records by Public Enemy, Chuck has lent his unique talents to cartoons such as 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' and 'Johnny Bravo' throughout the years. In 2009, he finally added acting to his resume with a turn in a David C. Snyder feature film entitled 'The Quiet Arrangement.' While the movie premiered in Pittsburgh and was shown at a few festivals, Chuck recently revealed that it's now available for purchase and rental on DVD.

"The inspiration for 'The Quiet Arrangement' comes from such groundbreaking filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino, David Mamet, the Coen brothers and Michael Mann," said Snyder in a statement about his first feature. The indie-thriller tells the story of a kidnapping gone awry. "I promised myself that I would follow in the footsteps of those legendary filmmakers, and 'The Quiet Arrangement' is my first step to fulfilling that promise."

Snyder has had a close working relationship with Chuck D over the last half-decade, having directed every new Public Enemy video during that time. 'The Quiet Arrangement' won Best Feature at a recent Ohio film festival and was also shown at the 2009 Oakland International Film Festival and Global Cinema Festival Indore.

"David Snyder is, to me, one of the most innovative, hardest-working men in the film business," said Chuck recently. "When I was asked by David to be in the movie I jumped at the chance." Check out the film's trailer below.

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