Singer Christina Milian has gone through a lot of personal and professional changes in the last year. Her marriage with singer-producer The-Dream fell apart, and even though the couple share a daughter and are still in contact with one another, the '1977' creator will no longer produce her forthcoming album.

Originally titled 'Elope,' in 2009, Milian and Dream released the track 'Welcome to Vegas' about their quickie marriage in Sin City, but not long after going public about their love, the relationship crumbled. Milian later accused Dream of being unfaithful and contested the terms of their prenuptial agreement, stating that she was pregnant when signing the document and was therefore not in the right mental state.

The former couple has since reached an undisclosed settlement and with all that relationship drama behind her, the 29-year-old is back in the studio and has changed the entire concept of the album. "It's happening, it is really happening," Milian tells The BoomBox. "I've been working with [producers] Young Yani, The Interns, this guy named Sham, a lot of really good, local producers here in L.A. A lot of great writers like The Writer's camp and stuff, and it's exciting."

Milian has focused on acting, motherhood and other endeavors as of late, but getting behind the mic again is special for her.

"Honestly, the first day that I went in [the studio] with the attention like, 'This is for the album, no more making demos, no more making it a session about somebody else. This is for you,' I got it spot on," she reveals. "That was the first day I worked with Yani. Since then, it's been smooth sailing every day. I just love the feeling of being creative again. Sometimes you lose that when you haven't been in the studio for a while, and I will regret not being in the studio like a longer period of time than two times a month. I want to be in the studio all the time, as long as I'm inspired it keeps coming. I'm changing the title. It will no longer be any of the material for 'Elope.' I'm at a new chapter in my life, so it's untitled as of yet."

Milian has yet to pinpoint a release date for the album.

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