Christina Milian was less than thrilled when she ordered food at a Los Angeles eatery last week and found chewed gum amongst the ingredients on her plate.

TMZ reports that the 'Whatever You Want' singer was a patron at Mexicali restaurant in Studio City, Calif., when, halfway through eating her salad, she felt a chewy substance in her mouth. Milian proceeded to spit out the unknown item, only to realize it was a piece of chewed gum. As a result, the entertainer fled to the bathroom to vomit.

Mexicali reportedly comped the meal, but that wasn't suitable for Milian, who filed a complaint with the L.A. Department of Health. A representative for the health department confirmed the filing of Milian's complaint.

"The most important thing to me is to make sure my health is OK," the R&B singer and actress stated. "Ever since the incident I have not eaten out."

According to Mexicali owner Allen Ravert, he claims there was no evidence of tampering in regards to Christina Milian's meal. "We have been here for over 17 years and always had an A rating from the health department ... We have cameras in our kitchen and didn't see anything," Ravert said.

He added, "Our cooks don't chew gum. Whether there was gum in [Christina's salad] or not I couldn't say – I never saw it."

Milian, who is currently recording her fourth studio album, revealed she was in the process of looking for a lawyer as a result of the incident.

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