Juelz Santana and Chris Brown

Singer Chris Brown is teaming up with former collaborate Juelz Santana for the new song 'Back to the Crib.' Although it is not clear if the song will appear on Brown's forthcoming record, the track leaked to the Internet yesterday.

Unlike his previous song "leaks" describing his love for ex-girlfriend Rihanna, 'Back to the Crib' is a throwback to their first collaboration, 2005's 'Run It.' The club-friendly track talks about meeting a lady in the club and taking her back to "the crib."

"I got a sense you really feeling me like yeah. Got a sense you wanna roll with me like yeah," Brown sings in the opening chorus. "She don't know that we going back to the crib, she know that I'm on her."

Santana kicks off the track in his signature sexually metaphoric format: "She wanna roll with me, she wanna go with me/But she don't know I'm trying to take her back home with me," Santana raps. "I told her have a seat in my ride/She said I look like I taste good and she wanna eat me alive/She's looking good in those new tall heels/I'm looking at her like a full course meal."

"Chill, I got all the girls checking me/ They know I'm a dog but they love my pedigree/ Call me Mr. Orgasm and if you come with me I guarantee you're gonna have one/ Hottest in the hood, freshest on the block/ Why stop, all this Louis and Gucci that I rock/If not, I stay Polo down to the socks, ring, chain and watch worth more than Fort Knox/ Temporary plates on the Audi R8/diamonds match what I'm wearing, she can't stop staring."

Brown's album 'Graffiti' is due out later this year, while Santana is readying the release of his third album 'Born to Lose, Built to Win (The Reagan Era).'

Listen to the song here.