Chicago's favorite 17-year-old rapper is being forced to fork over more than $230,000 to a British promotions company after bailing on a show that was set to take place last December.

After failing to show up to his Dec. 29 concert in London, the UK's Team Major Promotions filed a lawsuit against the "I Don't Like" MC in March claiming he cost them more than $75,000 in damages, "including his advance" reports TMZ.

"Chief never bothered to respond to TM's suit," says the entertainment news source. "After four months of radio silence a judge ruled in favor of Team Major ... simply by default." Aware of Chief Keef's continual legal troubles, the judge was determined to make the teen entertainer pay for his mistakes, literally, requiring him to pay "$230,019 for damages, loss of earnings, and reputational harm."

Chief Keef continues to face a mountain of legal problems, but in a statement issued by his manager, "he's not the type of person that really worries," but it seems like that attitude is what got him into this situation in the first place.