Chief Keef is giving fans a tour of his new mansion on Instagram.

MTV's Cribs may have been long-cancelled, but that's not stopping Keef from showing off his latest digs. According to the "Love Sosa" rapper, he's going from the "old to the new." And with one look, it's clear why he's showing off.

The new mansion has a stellar pool, a fountain in the front and a beautiful nature view. There's also three living rooms, according to Keef. Within the past two days, the 20-year-old uploaded at least six videos and photos as movers brought in his stuff.

But while he's giving fans something new to see -- he hasn't given them much new to hear (aside from Bang 3's "Superheroes" featuring A$AP Rocky. The set back from music is likely due to the fact that he was "suspended" from his label, FilmOn TV.

“Keef has a seven-album 360 deal with FilmOnTV. We are committed to making his career the best that it can be," said the label owner, Alki David. "We also have about 70 new songs recorded. A lot of these are major bangers. His management needs to understand that we could sell this package to someone else then they will have to deal less loving attitudes.” Ouch.

We hope Keef can settle things up and get back in the studio to perform some hit songs for his fans. In the meantime though, he seems to be doing fairly well for himself.

Check out the photo of the mansion above as well as some videos of the huge house below. Also, let us know what you think in the comments.