Another day, another meaningless rap beef. This time around the competitors are rap artists Charles Hamilton and Soulja Boy Tell Em. After receiving comparisons to Soulja Boy, Hamilton stated that the Atlanta rapper was the reason people don't take his music seriously. He later clarified his words via his blog. "I was called "the new Soulja Boy"... you don't think that would piss you off if you were NOTHING like Soulja Boy," he asked? "I wasn't [trying to] diss him I was talking aggressively out of frustration," he continued.

Prior to Hamilton clearing things up, Soulja Boy wasted no time releasing his own response via YouTube. "Gotta couple cartoon characters, you know, got my name in their mouth -- the boy about to start crying in the interview," he said, speaking of Hamilton. "This is why I'm addressing this, this doesn't just goes out to Charles Hamilton the sonic man, not just him, this goes out to all the rappers out there," he said. "You've been grinding so hard. You're getting into your record label meetings and all you hear is Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy. Goddamn. Soulja Boy got 4 million views on YouTube. Soulja Boy just did this, Soulja Boy just did that, and in the back of your head you like, 'f--- Soulja Boy.

Hamilton, a Harlem, N.Y. native, is signed to Interscope records and recently shot the video for his single 'Brooklyn Girls.'