Charles Hamilton might be the first rapper to openly enter a mental hospital and publicly comment on the matter. In late July, the belittled rapper admitted himself to New York Presbyterian for some much-needed mental rest and relaxation. According to a source at VIBE, Hamilton was discharged after a week-long stay that saw his transfer from New York to the Los Angeles area.

At the time of his transfer to Long Beach Medical Center, Hamilton called into Tony Touch's show on Sirius Radio to discuss how the mental institution is a natural extension of the music industry.

"In this hospital I can really be my natural self," Hamilton said. "Just like I am in the industry but everyone is so content with putting up this fake imagery that you feel like being yourself ruins your image. Everything I've done in this industry, whether it was based on outside speculation, peer pressure, or the outside feeling I was being extorted or the outside feeling I was buggin out, I remained true to me."

It remains to be seen how this news will alter Hamilton's already-poor reputation. It's unfortunate, as he showed some true initial potential in his career but has steadily lost fans through a series of erratic behavior such as claiming J Dilla executive produced his mixtape, sending a bizarre open letter to Eminem and now this.