Troubled MC Charles Hamilton has continued his pattern of erratic behavior by allegedly assaulting a police officer in Ohio last week.

According to his case information, which hit the 'net yesterday, Hamilton was arrested on Friday, December 10, in Cleveland, Ohio, for assault, after he reportedly caused a disturbance at a number of bars. When police attempted to subdue him, the rapper apparently struck an officer in the face.

His deposition hearing occurred Thursday, December 16, with bail set at $25,000, but reports are conflicting as to whether he is still in police custody.

While it is not yet clear what provoked Hamilton's behavior, his arrest is the latest inexplicable, self-destructive incident in an increasingly bizarre career, which includes the 'Brooklyn Girls' performer getting punched in the face on camera by his girlfriend, checking himself into a mental institution and angering J. Dilla's family by alleging a fictitious relationship with the late producer.

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