Chance the Rapper’s hat has a number “3” on it, but it should be a number 9 because he has to be on Cloud 9 right now following his three Grammy wins and a wildly success album, Coloring Book. Chance has done plenty of interviews but for his chat with Katie Couric, the two ate chicken wings at Harold’s Chicken Shack in Chicago.

During the discussion, Chano talked about a wide-range of topics including the ongoing violence in Chicago, fatherhood, his faith, the significance of the “3” hat and why he is staying independent.

On his parents inspiring his worth ethic, Chance says that his father taught him to work hard and his mother taught him to work for myself. "So now I work for myself really hard," he stated.

Elsewhere in the interview, the 23-year-old rapper addressed some of the systemic problems with Chicago, particularly, the ongoing violence in the city. "It's bogus what's going on," he states. "As individual acts, it's terrifying and sad."

"It takes investment in everyone's lives," he added. "The respect for life is little to none in the city, because we feel that people don't care about us. It would be dope if all of the politicians on the left and right could approve a temporary budget that could fund after-school programs. I would like to work at the earliest level of it and get people involved in jobs, schooling and the arts early."

Chance concluded, "You don't have any respect for life if you don't have anything going on, or respect for anyone's else's life when you don't have anything going on."

When asked if he ever considered going into politics, he quickly said no. "I don't like politics. I think politics is a reason why a lot of things don't get done," he said. "I think I will always been engaged with what's going on in the city."

On Wednesday (Feb. 28), Chance is scheduled to meet with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner and talk about the underfunding of Chicago's public schools. Hopefully, he can make some serious changes in his beloved Chi-City.

Watch Chance the Rapper's interview with Katie Couric above.

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