Put out some good work and energy while you're on this planet, and you just might be recognized for it.

Time magazine just released its annual 100 Most Influential People list, and some folks from hip-hop, R&B, sports and Hollywood were represented.

Additionally, each person that was picked had a blurb written about them by another celebrity. For example, Chance The Rapper was selected, and Common recalled hearing about him through his grandmother's friend.

"She gave me his number, and I left him a message," wrote the Be creator. "I told him to keep following his dreams, then I forgot all about it. Years later, my teenage daughter played me a new mixtape she loved from an artist named Chance The Rapper. There was something unique and soulful about it. I could tell he really knew hip-hop."

Donald Glover was also selected and Tina Fey, who used to work with him on the show 30 Rock, sung his praises.

Other people among the 100 include Alicia Keys John Legend, LeBron James, Leslie Jones, writer Colson Whitehead and Viola Davis, who had her essay written by Meryl Streep of all people.

"Viola has carved a place for herself on the Mount Rushmore of the 21st century new faces emerging from a neglected mountain," wrote Streep. "And when she tells the story of how she got from where she was to where she is, it is as if she is on a pilgrimage, following her own footsteps and honoring that journey."

You can see Time magazine's entire list here.

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