Like many rap acts, Houston MC Chamillionaire headed to SXSW in Austin, Texas this week to inform the masses that he had a project on the way. Cham stopped by the Live From Aol booth to speak on his forthcoming project, 'Playlist Poison' -- his third studio album and first after parting ways with Universal Records.

Where many artists keep a tight hold on their songs before an album is actually released, the southern rhymer will be leaking a slew of his tracks before his LP sees the light of day. "I'll release a whole bunch of music up until this real project," Chamillionaire tells AOL Music. "And the reason why I decided to do that is because I recently got off of Universal Records and I felt like with the politics with the major record company and so much back and forth and you know, a couple years pass and there's no project out, I feel like you have to reintroduce to people. I have to remind people why I'm dope."

Check out Chamillionaire's full interview from SXSW below. The 'Playlist Poison' creator speaks on everything from Charlie Sheen's antics to his thoughts on major record labels as well as what happened to his lost album, 'Venom.'

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