Idealistic lovers beware: Cee Lo's new song will have you reconsidering falling for romantic promises any time soon. The 'Lady Killer' channels his vulnerable side through the retro-soul-infused 'You Promised Me Love' that builds with drum beats and choral arrangements just to break down your naive little fantasies about love. "Forever?" Yeah, right.

"There once was a hopeless romantic/ Who would give away his heart on a whim/ I am no longer him," Cee Lo serenades over gentle piano, wailing out with an anguished "You lied!" once the track picks up again.

The song is sure to become an anthem for the broken-hearted who fell for a promise of "forever" and it didn't quite work out the way they planned. Take it away, Cee Lo!

Listen to Cee Lo's 'You Promised Me Love'

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