While rappers are more likely to take on stage names, singers tend to stick with what's on their birth certificate. But even though Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey decided to go with the name they were born with when they inked that record deal, there are still many singers who choose a different alias.

Ne-Yo and Sisqo probably opted for their unique artist monikers because their government names didn't quite have the "wow" factor to reach R&B stardom. But what about the stage names that seem like they could actually be found on their driver's license? Did you know that Frank Ocean is a name the singer adopted? Or that Stevie Wonder was not the name his mama gave him?

There are more than a few lauded singers with stage names so normal that you'd be surprised to find out it was all for show. They've been referred to by their artist persona for so long that fans assume it's what they've always been called. Well, The Boombox did some research and found some more crooners with surprising names. Check out 20 Singers' Real Names Revealed above.

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