Ca$h Out has had an incredible year. Since dropping his debut mixtape, It's My Time, earlier this year, the Atlanta rapper has managed to mesmerize crowds nationwide, signed with Epic Records and held down a top ten spot on Billboard's hip-hop chart with his smash single, "Cashin' Out."

"That's what LA Reid signed me for," he tells The BoomBox. "The music. When we first came it was for 'Cashin' Out' but when we played three more songs for him, he was like, 'We need to sign him for albums, as an artist.' I salute him for recognizing me as an artist and not just for one song."

On his latest project, Keisha, Ca$h Out is hoping to preview his growth, before releasing his debut LP next year, aptly entitled Patience.

"With Keisha, I feel like I have a bigger fanbase," he says excitedly. "I just sat down and chopped it up with the label like 'Let me just give one more back to the streets before I drop the album.'"

The Epic signee is right to be ecstatic, after all, 2013 presents another opportunity to top the charts.

"Every time I get ready to drop a project," he explains. "It's like, I just wanna do better, just like athletes. In NBA or NFL season, they just wanna do better than they did last year."

Because 2012 has been so good to him, The BoomBox asked Ca$h Out to name five things he cashed out on this year.

Ca$h Out's Top 5 2012 Cash Outs

1. Daughter
"I definitely cashed out on her 'cause she's spoiled. Spoiled to death! She just turned four on November 23. As long as she's doing well in school, she can get whatever she wants from me. That's what it's all about. If you're doing well in school and staying respectful and not coming up how I came up ... I try and keep her away from that, and just stay focused. I treat her like a young lady because you know, these kids coming up these days are actually smarter than our generation. So yeah, she's spoiled, but I talk to her while she's a child so when she grows up, she already knows."

2. Mother
"I definitely got my mother a new crib this year."

3. Crib
"I took care of my crib and got a couple cars in the driveway for me, my mother, and my brother."

4. BMW X6
"I passed the [Chevy] Camaro down to my brother. I had that Camaro before things really took off, everything paid for. Now I'm in the new [BMW] X6, 2013. I like those trucks, they're really fast. Wale saw it and was like, 'Man! I gotta get one of those. It's so nice.' It's totally different from the X5. I don't even like those shapes, but the shape the put on the X6 ... I was like, 'I gotta get that right there.'"

5. Church
"When I go to church I pay my tithes! I give back to the Lord at the same time as buying everything else. I cash out at church. [laughs]"

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