Sometimes, one of the best things to do is sit down for a second and let certain situations ride on without you -- it means there’s something better in store. In 2012, Atlanta rapper Cash Out was celebrating the success of his platinum-selling single ‘Cashin’ Out,’ from his debut project ‘It’s My Time.’

Subsequently, he received a call from L.A. Reid, the CEO of Epic Records. When the artist sat with the industry bigwig to discuss a single deal, he ended up finagling an album contract for his debut, ‘Patience.’ Unfortunately, the LP wasn’t to be, as he was released from his deal at Epic, left to the desolation of being signed then suddenly, not -- for a few months anyway.

“Man, I’ve been recording for so long half of the songs on the album have been done since last year,” Cash, born John-Michael Gibson, tells The Boombox. “Some of them are brand new. But I’ve been recording for a long time, long enough where I could put myself in a good position money-wise and business-wise.”

“We changed the title from ‘Patience,’” the 23-year-old shares. “You know, you have to recreate yourself when you start fresh, when you’re in a new building, so the name of the album is ‘Let’s Get It.’"

The new building he’s referring to is E1, his current home after Epic. It took a few months to get all the legalities together but finally the ‘She Twerkin’’ creator is ready to publicize his newest move. As a matter of fact, that announcement comes right on time as many of these fickle hip-hop fans and industry heads have counted Cash Out, well, out. Way too soon.

If you’re one to follow the charts, Cash’s latest single, ‘She Twerkin'' is consistently climbing the Urban Top 10 in the nation. The track was a result of a random night in the studio after he and beatsmith Dunn Deal had just wrapped his last mixtape ‘Ya Feel Me?’ “Everyone in the studio was like, ‘Hey, let’s give these folks a ‘girl,’ ‘club,’ record...’” he says. “So they’re cooking up the beat and I’m playing in the booth, but the microphone was on, I’m like, ‘She be grabbin’ on my toolie...’ But they were like, ‘Ay! Keep that.’”

“I went all the way through,” he continues. “The next couple bars were, ‘And she twerkin’,’ the girls in the studio got to dancing and it was on from that. As we finished it, Dunn was like, ‘This is another one that we’ve created.’ Then we pressed play a couple months later, that’s when the labels got to calling.”

Couple that top 10 hit with the fact that he’s fresh off tour with Taylor Gang’s Ty Dolla $ign and his next single, the title track for ‘Let’s Get It,’ features a guest appearance from Wiz Khalifa.

“Wiz actually came to me when I was on tour with Ty and he was like, ‘Man. That ‘Let’s Get It’ song? I really like that,’” he reveals. “It was a shock to me because that was the song I had just put out two months before on the internet, just dropped it and he wasn’t even talking ‘bout ‘She Twerkin’,’ he’s talking ‘bout ‘Let’s Get It.’”

“He’s like, ‘I’ma f--- with that. Send it to me.’ And with Ty being a part of the same Taylor Gang clique, he jumped on there too,” he continues. “It was so organic. Artists I look up to... Like, I’m trying to get to Wiz level and they see me on tour like, ‘This song is hard as f---!’ That really excites me. As an artist and as a fan too, let’s me know that I’m doing something right when I go in the booth and make these songs.”

If his last six months are any indication, Cash Out is finally comfortable. He’s been writing for himself as well as other artists. “I’m really tryna get these BMI checks up,” he says with a laugh, making reference to the music rights management company. “I’m writing records for artists and tryna help everybody out and get them where they need to be while I prep for my album.”

“The visuals, the branding and everything,” he adds. “Because I know there are a lot of people who need to get to know me and my face so we’ll be going heavy for the next couple of months.”

Cash Out’s debut album is slated to arrive just before his birthday in August, although he doesn’t claim to have a set date just yet. He may have changed the name of the LP from ‘Patience’ but it’s clear that it’s a virtue he lives by. Even in regards to the Ty Dolla $ign tour, Cash says that he and his team put their own money up just to gain the exposure. “We didn’t want nothing from them, just the look,” he recalls. “Ty was like, ‘Definitely! I love your music.’”

When asked about the experience, Cash lights up. “I’ve never been no where where you can just shoot water guns in the club,” he says, chuckling. “The club events I usually go to, you can’t shoot no water guns. Might be a problem.”

“There’s a certain crowd we catered to on that tour and they were amazing,” he continues. “They just loved us for the music. It could’ve been a brand new song but if you knew how to break it, in front of them, they’d know it when they left.”

By the end of the tour, the A-Town spitter, Ty Dolla and various groups of young ladies were consistently enjoying memorable evenings on the tour bus after shows. “Man, I’m sure if you spoke to Ty, he’d tell you the same thing,” he starts. “We had a real lunch line on the bus. Pretty girls that just wanted to live life and have a good time, man.

“It was amazing to me,” he says, still in awe. “When I got on the bus, they just loved my character and I ain’t no shy type of person. I’m in there kicking it, rolling weed, cracking jokes... When the ladies come in, we’re having a great, beautiful time, after the concert, Bombay [gin], Keisha everywhere... And the ladies, they love us...”

More than anything though, Cash Out is finally back at the place he started, with a banging track and his own inner voice repeating, "It’s my time."