You know the cover art for Cardi B's mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol 1? The one where a guy is going down on her as she calmly sips a Corona? Well, now the male model, who has very distinctive ink on his back, is suing her for using his image.

The model, Kevin Brophy, claims he never even posed for the photo and never signed off on his image being used in such a blatantly sexual manner, according to TMZ. In fact, he says he only found out about it after a friend told him how "crazy" it was he was photographed in the sexual position with Cardi B. According to documents, Brophy was concerned when his pre-K son asked what he was doing in the picture to that woman... and his kid keeps bringing it up.

Brophy goes on to say that he's never even met Cardi B or spoken to her people, but is certain the image is him because of the distinctive tattoos on his back, which he's had for over a decade.

He's now reportedly suing Cardi B for $5 million.

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