Attention concert promoters: Cardi B is about her money. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper had to put a promoter on blast after she didn’t get her backend fee for her performance.

On Friday night (Nov. 3), Cardi B was set to perform in New Orleans at the club Studio 233. But when the Bronx rapper hit the stage she had to make a public service announcement.

In the video above, Cardi explained to the sold-out crowd that the promoter tried to play her and didn’t cough up the rest of her money despite the club being packed. Now most established artists would have left the venue. But Cardi stayed and performed for free because she loves her fans.

"I know I'm a girl but niggas are not gonna fuckin' play me," she told the crowd. "Out of courtesy of me I'm going to perform two songs, 'cause I really love y'all, but I hate it when niggas try to fuckin' play me."

"I'm about my fuckin' the music," she concluded before launching into "Lick."

Let this be lesson to all promoters, Cardi B is here to secure the bag and she is not taking a pay cut.

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