Cardi B's interviews are always entertaining, and tonight on the Grammy carpet was no exception.

When asked how she was feeling on the red carpet, Cardi responded in the way that only Cardi can, saying she felt butterflies in her stomach— and vagina.

"I feel good, overwhelmed, nervous... everything," she told E!'s Giuliana Rancic, laughing. "I feel it all in my stomach and vagina."

Of course, Cardi's honesty and hilarity has everyone on Twitter buzzing, as she quickly became the hit of yet another award's show.

In another interview, she asked all of her haters "What's good? What's poppin?" after wondering why people feel inclined to comment negatively on her success.

"It means validation, a lot of people always want to discredit me and strip down my worth," she said. "They want to make me feel like I'm not worthy enough and it's just like, how do people with no credentials make me feel like I don't deserve my success?"

She goes on to say that Grammy committee found her worthy so, "What's really, really good? What's poppin?"

Cardi was up for two awards for her smash hit, "Bodak Yellow." Check the interviews above and below.

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