Cardi B's rap career is on the rise thanks to her latest single, “Bodak Yellow.” The reality star-turned rapper catches another lick with D.R.A.M.’s infectious single for “Cute.”

The catchy single features D.R.A.M. trying to seduce Cardi who turns him down with her brutally honest lyrics.

"Oh you think I’m cute, but I think you ugly," she raps. "Trust me, it’s cool, I use you for money / Flowers for me, don’t do nothing for me / Fly to Dubai in a yacht, you could blow me / Dinner at Philippe, but I really want a Philippe / Gonna have to step your game up."

The Virginia rhymer seems to be unbothered by Cardi's kiss-off as he continues to pine for her on the third verse.

"I choose you like a Pokémon / I choose you, you're selection one / I got money, you got money too / So let's go half on rent / When I buy you a new purse it's 'cause you bought my kicks / I move fast like a brand new car / I move fast like a shooting star," he raps.

Big Baby, who is currently performing on Kendrick Lamar's "Damn Tour," announced that the "Cute" remix will be the final song from the album. He tweeted:

Check out D.R.A.M. and Cardi B's collaborative song above.