Canibus and Eminem

Beleagured journeyman rapper Canibus leaked an Eminem diss record today, about 1,567,478 years too late. The track is called 'Airstrike (Pop Killer)' and features Canibus' labelmate, DZK, an unknown rapper from Virginia. The beef between Canibus and Eminem started in the last Millenium, after Bus rudely asked Shady if he had penned the LL Cool J diss track, 'The Rapper Strikes Back.' A provoked Slim Shady would fire back at Canibus on 'The Slim Shady LP,' leading the Jamaican-born rapper to later retaliate with his own version of Em's super-fan tribute 'Stan.'

Though Canibus may have lost a step a whole staircase since the last Eminem jab, he still manages to cross the line on 'Airstrike (Pop Killer),' name checking Em's dead partner, Proof. "If Proof was alive, he'd be dying inside," Canibus spits. "You aint no hip-hop messiah, you a b---- cause you dissed Mariah/S--- like that, supposed to be private/I'm a fry you on behalf of Mariah and Michael/ Put you back on the drugs, make you suicidal."

Bus' labelmate DZK further underwhelms, with such zingers as, "I got a question, I'm white, can I join D12?/ I'll sell you four million records then I'll tell you go to hell."

Apparently the track, which also features random Eminem interview clips and the odd D12 verse or three, wasn't supposed to debut until February. No word as to whether Em will respond, though we kinda doubt it, as he's hard at work, you know, recording platinum albums, like 'Relapse 2,' and re-releasing 'Relapse' with those seven bonus cuts and all that. Check out the diss here. Or just take our word for, and go back to living your life.