Los Angeles Clippers rookie Blake Griffin has plenty of moves. He's been a one-man highlight reel this season, dominating ESPN 'SportsCenter' and viral sports sites with his jaw-dropping dunks, but Cali Swag District -- the four-man operation behind the 'Teach Me How to Dougie' dance craze -- believe they can teach Griffin some additional moves, when they perform at the Rookie All-Star Game this weekend.

"We're gonna teach him how to dunk and 'Dougie,' he gonna 'Dunkie,'" Cali Swag's C-Smoove tells The BoomBox. And the crew is willing to go the extra mile to help Griffin win the Slam Dunk Contest. "He's gonna jump over me," adds M-Bone.

While they hope to meet Kobe Bryant and LeBron James this weekend too, the group's Yung has different dreams. "I want to meet the Laker Girls, every Laker Girl, in the locker room," he jokes.

NBA All-Star Weekend marks the third consecutive big weekend for Cali Swag District, following an appearance in Dallas during Super Bowl weekend and a Grammy Week gig with the Black Eyed Peas at their annual Peapod Benefit. Cali Swag, who hail from Inglewood, Calif, are loving the schedule and making the most of being part of these events.

"We're young and it's something a lot of people our age don't get to do," C-Smoove says. "For us to get the opportunity and chance to do it is so crazy. We get excited every time we come to something like this."

The crazy ride keeps coming for the group, as they head out on tour. "We're about to start a tour with Nelly starting March 1," C-Smoove says of the Blizzards tour kicking off next month in South Dakota. "We got a lot of stuff on our plate, we just need a big old fork so we can eat it all up."

Watch Cali Swag District's 'Teach Me How to Dougie'
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