Early this morning (Sept. 26), following a concert by Compton rapper Problem and the group Cali Swag District, a 25-year-old man was shot outside of the L.A. nightclub Wonderland, KTTV reports. The unidentified victim was rushed to the hospital after being hit in the back and later listed in stable condition.

According to witnesses, the shooting occurred around 1:45AM, after two members of the audience had gotten into a verbal disagreement. The crowd rushed outside, and two shots were reportedly fired, hitting a member of one of the acts' road crew.

Sadly, the incident isn't Cali Swag District's first brush with gun violence. In May, group member Montae "M-Bone" Talbert was killed outside a liquor store in his hometown of Inglewood, Calif. Talbert's murder came just months before the District -- best known for the infectious dance-craze-starting single 'Teach Me How to Dougie' -- released their second album, 'The Kickback.'

In an interview with The BoomBox earlier this year, member C-Smoove said he understands why people have been reluctant to come forward and "snitch" on whoever killed his fellow MC. Doing so, he said, would likely spark more violence. Asked if he's considered leaving Inglewood, he said he has, since "nothing's changed" over the years.

"My first tattoo was an R.I.P tattoo of [one of] my friends," C-Smoove said. "Our first big performance, one of our friends died right before we got on stage. We done lost about seven or eight people from Inglewood in the last three or four years. It's shocking when you find out who it is but the summer is killing season and you can't really change that."

Watch Cali Swag District's 'Teach Me How to Dougie (Remix)'
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