The remaining three members of Los Angeles-based hip-hop group Cali Swag District are putting the loss of member M-Bone (pictured far left) into song. The group -- now consisting of JayAre, Smoove Da General and Yung -- have dropped the catchy tribute track 'How to Do That' in M-Bone's honor.

"M-Boooooone," they rap over a echoing, uptempo techno beat. "Then a n---- did you wrong/ On your way to get a blunt, you shoulda put it in a bong/ M-Bone lives through me, Smoove, and Yung/ So when we all turnt up, he still having fun."

M-Bone, born Montae Talbert, was tragically gunned down while getting into his car at an L.A.-area liquor store on May 15. The 22-year-old was considered "the life of the party," as Cali Swag rap on 'How to Do That,' and played a big part in catapulting the group into the spotlight with 'Teach Me How to Dougie,' their popular hip-hop line dance.

"I love you like no other, a part of Cali Swag there will never be another," the tribute continues. "We came from the gutter and we made it to the top/ The dougie was the dance, so we thought we'd make it pop."

The track can be downloaded here, and the current rap trio plan to shoot a video for the song in the future.

As reported earlier today, a public funeral will be held for M-Bone this Friday (May 27) in Inglewood, Calif. Los Angeles police are still looking for his assassin and anyone with information is asked to call their homicide division at (310) 412-5246 or 24-hour anonymous hotline, (888) 41 CRIME, or (888) 412-7463.

Watch Cali Swag District's 'Teach Me How to Dougie (Remix)'

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