In an exclusive interview with, incarcerated rapper C-Murder spoke out for the first time since being sentenced to mandatory life in prison in August of 2009. This sentence stems from a 2002 incident where C-Murder shot and killed 16-year-old Steve Thomas with a single gunshot to the chest following an argument at Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana.

Originally, C-Murder caught a break after he was convicted of the crime in 2003 and released after a retrial in which the prosecution was caught expunging the criminal records of their key witnesses. However, new video evidence of the crime makes his current chances of being released again pretty slim. But, it seems as if the New Orleans native, born Corey Miller and brother of rap mogul Master P, has accepted his current circumstances, "Of course I hate it, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do," C-Murder told "Life is short and the time you waste in jail can never be replaced." C-Murder also maintained that he was keeping his mental and physical condition in shape, "I'm holding up pretty good here at Angola. I work out regularly and participate in all sports leagues," C-Murder told

With another appeal already in progress, C-Murder is doing his best to remain positive while serving his time and reports for kitchen duty at 5:30AM every morning. C-Murder isn't using his conviction to glorify his "gangsta" rap persona or sell records, but instead asking his fans to learn from his mistakes. "I'm asking you guys to take heed to my situation and better yourselves to live a positive and productive life," C-Murder said.