New Orleans rapper C-Murder has pleaded no contest to attempted murder charges, according to reports.

The unfortunately named MC and brother of Master P, plead out to two counts of attempted murder in the second degree for a 2001 incident when Murder, born Corey Miller, threatened two men with a gun at a Baton Rouge nightclub, one of whom was a bouncer and the other, the club's owner. Miller attempted to shoot the owner, but his gun jammed, so he fled the scene and was later apprehended and charged.

You can check out footage of Miller's gun jamming here. Isn't the internet great?

Miller will be sentenced in 90 days and the prosecution is recommending 10 years for the attempted murder charge. He will also go to trial on August 3rd for the unrelated 2002 murder of a 16-year old fan. Though he was initially sentenced to house arrest after being convicted for that murder in 2003, Miller has been awarded a retrial, due to possible witness tampering.