You would think with a lifetime prison sentence, rapper C-Murder would have other things on his mind besides dissing his brother, but that doesn't stop him from spitting some harsh bars aimed at Master P.

Over a slow guitar-driven track, the 43-year-old accuses his brother of failing to support him during his incarceration. "I'm having dreams that my brother is trying to kill me / And spill me why this n---- hate the real C / After the mill we was still supposed to keep it gully / I went to jail and he barely said he didn't love me," rhymes C-Murder.

First off, it's hard to determine how one makes a song in jail, especially when he has a lifetime sentence, and it's even harder to figure out everything C is trying to say since the track drowns out most of his vocals.

But yet and still, it seems important to the rapper that he disses his brother and tell everyone how he feels. Master P has responded to their falling out in the past, but has yet to comment on this new song.

Listen to C-Murder's 'All I Wanted 2 B Was a Soldier'

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