Busy BeeLegendary Bronx rapper Busy Bee is set to drop his first album in over a decade, entitled 'Now & Then: Last Man Standing.'

The old school rapper, who also went by Busy Bee Starski, is best known for his classic 1982 battle with Kool Moe Dee at Harlem World -- one of the first organized and documented battles. Bee also appeared in the early rap film 'Wild Style.'

Though one of the most most respected freestyle MC's and a member of Afrika Bambaattaa's Zulu Nation, Busy Bee didn't release a full-length album until his 1988 LP 'Running Thangs,' followed by his other full length, 'Thank God for Busy Bee,' in 1992. The last record he released was his 1998 EP, 'Look in Da Sky, Who Do Ya See?'

Though he took a break from releasing records for over a decade, Busy Bee did make some film appearances in that time, playing himself in Damon Dash's 'Paid in Full' film and QD3's 'Beef' DVD.

'Now & Then' is a collection of new, unreleased songs as well as remixes of some of Busy Bee's older tracks, featuring fellow rap legends Kid Capri and Jazzy Jay, alongside production by Diamond D, Easy Mo Bee & Joc Max. The album will be released later this year, by Vtech and Wilshire District Music. Check out the single 'Busy's Revenge' featuring Kid Capri, here.

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