Busta Rhymes' animated raps do more than just incite heavy head-nodding; they also help put an end to violence. In an interview with Elliot Wilson, editor-in-chief of RESPECT magazine, Busta Rhymes revealed that his song, 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,' was responsible for stopping a brawl between Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella crew and Fat Joe's Terror Squad.

The Grammy-nominated lead single from Busta's second solo album, 'When Disaster Strikes,' was everywhere in 1997, and according to Bussa Bus, the song prevented the feuding crews from a serious altercation.

"We were at the Roxy, and Kid Capri was DJing. I came in there with one of my mans, and Kid Capri played the s--- for the third time, for the fourth time, for the fifth time, for the sixth time, for the seventh time, for the eighth time," Busta explained. "By the eleventh time straight, no other song in between, I damn near started crying in the club, because I couldn't believe that I'd done something that was so compelling that warranted that kind of love from the DJ. And the club was demanding that he keep playing it."

However, it wasn't all tears of joy that night for the former Leaders of the New School MC. "Roc-a-fella and Terror Squad crossed paths in that spot that night, and you just started seeing bottles wildin'. Capri stopped the music: 'Yo, y'all n----s chill the f--- out, man. Don't f--- up the party.' N----s still wildin'. He was like, 'I know what's gonna stop y'all from beefing' -- [makes beat noises] for the twelfth time. That song stopped the beef."

In the full interview, which is a great read, Busta continues to discuss his beef with his former groupmate Charlie Brown, his respect for Universal Motown president Sylvia Rhone and his rap legacy.

Busta recently appeared with Lil Wayne on Chris Brown's single, 'Look at Me Now,' and has promised new music sometime this year.

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